Delhi Journalist Pulled Out Of Moving Auto By Phone Thieves


Joymala Bagchi, who was attacked at South Delhi’s Chittaranjan Park area, suffered fractures on her leg and jaw and had to get multiple stitches for her wounds.


A journalist was attacked by phone thieves in South Delhi’s Chittaranjan Park area on Sunday evening, leaving her with multiple injuries, the police said.

Joymala Bagchi was travelling in an auto-rickshaw when two young men on a motorcycle pulled up next to her and tried to snatch her phone.

She was pulled with such force that she fell out of the moving auto, the police said.

The thieves managed to grab her phone and flee the scene.

Ms Bagchi, who works for news agency ANI, suffered fractures on her leg and jaw and had to get multiple stitches for her wounds.

She can only consume a liquid diet for now and is in a hospital.

The phone that the thieves stole cost just Rs. 18,000.

The police said they have registered a case and are looking for the thieves.

The incident is the latest in series of similar cases reported in the area in the past few weeks and comes just before the start of Durga Puja festivities when large crowds visit pandals.

Ron Roy, a resident of Chittaranjan Park, said his 64-year-old mother was mugged on August 30 inside the gated colony.

“My mother got stitches on her head after men on bike tried to snatch her bag at CR Park Pocket P, less than 100 metres from police station. It was caught on CCTV inside the gated residential area. Kids play here in evening. It’s not safe now,” said Mr Roy, an architect.

The police said they have seen the CCTV footage but the number plate and the men were not very clear. A suspect has been identified, said the police officer who’s investigating Mr Roy’s complaint, adding they are trying to track him down.


Residents say the police needs to increase patrolling in the area as the thieves appear to be striking at will.


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